TexPoint Registration Key Distribution Center

TexPoint has a two-step registration process. Check out the details at http://texpoint.necula.org/buy.html.

This site can be used to obtain registration keys. We recommend that you open TexPoint on the machine you want to register, and then enter the license number in the Registration textbox at TexPoint/Configure/License. You will be given the option to be taken to this page, with the fields below already filled in.
Alternatively, please fill-in these fields

Please enter the license number that you received when you purchased a TexPoint license.

Now you must enter a registration identifier that is tied to the machine on which you will use TexPoint. Install TexPoint on that machine, start Powerpoint, and click on the menu TexPoint/Configure/License. You will see there the registration identifier of your machine. Copy it in the box below:

Press the button below to generate a registration key.