TexPoint & Virus Scanners

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If you are a Mac user you might close this page now ;-)
Windows users with antiviruses please read this page if you have trouble with TexPoint in connection with your scanner.

Introduction & the problem

Some virus scanners interfere with the operation of TexPoint due to heuristic algorithms or a priori blocking of Microsoft Office (VBA) Macros. The following problems can occur:

The reason is mostly the "broad-spectrum antibiotic" character of the algorithms some antivirus makers use, which identify viruses by rather common criteria, i.e., without using real virus signatures. This affects not only TexPoint, but also other software and drivers. This situation is not only unsatisfying for you, but also for honest private software developers like us.
We try to help solving these problems with your help or hopefully directly with the antivirus makers.
Below you find an (incomplete) list of scanners which are ok, and those which create trouble. Featback from you regarding those and other scanners are apprecited (mail to authors (at) texpoint.necula.org).

Antivirus test

If you want to check whether you have an antivirus that can prevent the installation of TexPoint, you can download the anticheck.vbs file, select Open and then Run. You should see a sequence of messages, ending with one declaring SUCCESS.

Scanner list and Solutions

Scanners with no known side effects: Scanners which cause trouble:

Unfortunately the short term solutions might create security risks and/or interfere with your (company/institution) policies. We do not recommend it, but a change of the scanner solves the problem as well. Please update your AV software on a regular basis, to make sure that you get possible future fixes by the manufacturers.

If you observe problems with virus scanners, let us know and do not hestitate to complain to the producer of that scanner!
We are sorry for the inconveniences you might have, but be assured we are also a bit annoyed that we even have to create this web page you just read.